Food for thought

26.09.2014 >Bild

During the last week, I found some goodies: 3 conference-talks and 1 movie; highly related to our branch of business. By extension, they relate to the lives of us all.

Don't worry, there's no spoilers here!... 

Really try to make some time to watch these; it's definitely worth it, you could even say it's plain important!

Feel free to disagree with what's being mentioned in the movies, I'd be happy to hear the whats & whys: reactions at or let's get smart over a coffee sometime!


Mike Monteiro — How Designers Destroyed the World at Webstock 2013



Aral Balkan — Avoiding Digital Feudalism at LXJS 2013 (related reading: Spyware 2.0)



and a follow up from 2014: Free is a Lie - Thinking Digital.



'Terms and Conditions may apply'


'Terms and Conditions may apply' (imdb) provides a very non-technical overview about what happens with your data in the hand of corporations, be it Facebook, Google or your cellphone provider. We all know it's dirty business... This movie nicely shows how dirty it actually is and what you might want to do about it. Here's a preview. The full movie is available on the usual online channels. (iTunes)

Have a wonderful weekend!